Web Design


Skin therapists Nanda Faber and Geke Kuiper specialise in treating the sick or affected skin. Their website provides information on various treatments.

Digital report Werkgroep Natuurkunde-Didactiek

Since 1965, the Werkgroep Natuurkunde-Didactiek (WND), holds a conference for physics teachers. This conference has evolved over the years into a major event where about 580 teachers, educationalists and educational developers from the Netherlands and Belgium meet. The digital report provides an overview of all lectures, workshops and additional information to read back afterwards.

Graphic Design

Zorgcombinatie Noorderboog

Each year, Zorgcombinatie Noorderboog publishes a summary of their annual report. But other promotional materials like posters and brochures, are regularly developed.

de Appel

The study association magazine 'De Appel' is published six times a year. Written for mechanical engineering students, the articles are focussed on technical subjects, with a slight human touch.


Really tiny selection, more to come.