Rhei – time flows. Literally

Rhei is a prototype of an electro-mechanical clock with liquid display, and the result of a one-year long passion project



About a year ago I was awarded a generous amount of money from the Arkwright scholarship fund with which I decided to take a good old film camera and ‘digitise it’ using components taken out of the smallest digital camera I could find with a reasonably sized sensor, the Sony NEX-5. The analog camera I chose was the Konica Auto S3 rangefinder because it has a stellar fixed 38mm f1.8 lens with an unobtrusive internal leaf shutter. The viewfinder is very clear and being a rangefinder is easily adjustable for use with a different focal plane. A rangefinder mechanism allows the camera to be small (no large mirror) and won’t get in the way of the sensor which has a protruding AA filter on the front. Unfortunately the camera doesn’t have a built in diopter to adjust for glasses wearers but I managed to cut an old glasses lens of mine to fit into the viewfinder as a diopter adjustment.

Source: frankencamera.wordpress.com

11 Months, 3000 pictures and a lot of coffee

Chris Herridge spent eleven months painstakingly rebuilding the engine of his Triumph Spitfire Mk3, and photographing the process. Over 3,000 photos later, and he created this amazing video of an engine being disassembled and rebuilt.
Via: Howacarworks.com

En Plein Vol

Installation performed at La Maison Des Jonglages in La Courneuve (Paris).



Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant asked Lernert & Sander to make a photograph for their documentary photography special, with the theme Food. They transformed unprocessed food into perfect cubes of 2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 cm.